7 Responses to Is LinkedIn Really for Sharing Content?

  1. Your information about share counts is helpful and good to keep in mind, but I still think sharing on LinkedIn from Twitter has value. It can help you reach a broader audience and is therefore worthwhile. Just take your overall share counts with a grain of salt if you do it.

    • Thanks Mary for the quick comment, I hadn’t even found the Tweet button yet! I agree, I’m not going to stop sharing on LinkedIn, but it certainly made me reconsider its relative importance and wonder if it is as much about adding my expanded thinking to my “professional profile” as it is about active sharing and discussion.

      Alternatively, is the real opportunity on LinkedIn driving dialogue in groups rather than broader sharing? Questions we all should be revisiting regularly.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it!

  2. Pam Moore says:

    Hey Eric. I am going to have to do some research on this. I am not seeing the same thing. My understanding was that it requires it to be shared to LinkedIn. Yes, a tweet may count but only if the account is set to auto post to LinkedIn or if the user uses an auto post hashtag to LinkedIn such as #LI.

    I have seen good result from LinkedIn shares and get a good amount of traffic from LinkedIn. We get highly qualified leads from CXO level and decision makers. We are happy about this as we spend the least amount of time on LinkedIn but have a very high ROI. It really seems to be the other tools and channels as you mention feeding LinkedIn, not the share coming from LinkedIn. The button is intended to post to LinkedIn just as Facebook button does.

    It always to me comes down to goals, objectives and your audience. Where is your target market and how can you best engage with them to meet your biz and life goals?

    Good post as usual. Interested in any follow up research and data you may find!


    • Hi Pam, the note the LinkedIn Today that it is powered by Twitter and LinkedIn is what initially grabbed my attention and make me look at this a bit more closely. My testing wasn’t as controlled as I would have liked, I tweeted links from pretty dead twitter accounts and the tweet button showed more activity than just mine.

      I have seen some solid traffic from LinkedIn on select posts that were picked up and shared or commented on by multiple people on LinkedIn, but day-by-day, Twitter and links from other blogs or sites are certainly the primary traffic driver here. Interestingly enough, it looks the LinkedIn counting may have changed today, this post has more than a dozen tweets, but only three LinkedIn shares reported, while I write this. That, or LinkedIn doesn’t like the post and is missing with my numbers!

      Glad to hear your having success with LinkedIn getting to more senior business audiences, and your right, because networks are built through activity outside LinkedIn, it doesn’t require nearly the level of effort or attention that platforms like Twitter or Quora (which I’m still avoiding for that very reason) require.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and the support you’ve given me over the last month here on this blog and on Twitter, you have made me strive to continue raising the quality of my content and engagement (not to mention headlines!).

  3. Marcus Schaller says:

    I share my links on LinkedIn and have my connection activity feed on my Tweetdeck dashboard. But I’m a content marketing dork, and judging by the total lack of activity (sharing, commenting) among my connections through LinkedIn, I’m assuming that they aren’t really checking their feeds too often.

    Either that, or they couldn’t care less about my posts. The horror!!!

    • Thanks for commenting. LinkedIn Today is certainly a good way to find content, but without lists and mentions, there is too much noise in the stream. Unlike Twitter, where I would unfollow or delist someone, I’m connected for different reasons on LinkedIn and am not going to remove a connection simply because I’m not interested in their stream.

      I think this is a challenge for LinkedIn, but as Pam pointed out, she is getting quality traffic from LinkedIn with less effort expended than in other channels. A good point to remember, as ultimately I would like to see the engagement here, where there is an opportunity to expand on thoughts more, than on Twitter or LinkedIn.

      Thanks again for the comment and for all of the great content. Great post on B2BBloggers.com today!

  4. Marie Christine says:

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