4 Responses to Social Media Needs an Organic Movement

  1. delhiboy says:

    I am in violent agreement 🙂 Too many folks concerned about too many ‘metrics’ – but very few actually have a conversation. That is why the number of twitter ‘chats’ is exploding – because they are ‘organic’.

    • Yes, too many metrics, and more importantly, too many of the wrong metrics! I like the chats on Twitter, although they are impacted as well, with some participants looking to be heard and RT’ed instead of looking to engage, share and learn. The true impromptu conversations are the most likely to be organic, as it has the least benefit beyond the conversation and the relationship it builds.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it. And I will watch for you on Twitter chats!

  2. Allison says:

    Eric, Thanks you for the quote in your lovely article. I agree with you 100%. We had 2 communities we stared from scratch. One we let grow “organically” one we pushed to drive larger numbers. After 1 year, the organic community is unstoppable. They celebrate, defend and support the business and continue to grow. The other was a total dud until we backed off and gave it time to grow. Then we could listen to the customers and figure out how to give them what they want. I really enjoyed your post! Thank you

    • Allison, thanks for the great Digital Tribes series! That is a great case you shared, I would love to learn more about the two communities and the different behaviors you saw, interesting stuff!

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