Part Two: Marketing Measurement and Pissing People Off

What type of online marketing just pisses people off? In part one, I listed marketing activities that were effective on paper but upset people until they fought back, with technology and legislation. No marketer wants their targets’ ire aimed at their own marketing. Today many brands avoid pop-ups for just this reason.

So what are marketers doing today that lacks respect and upsets their audience? Where is the next revolt? Here are my top five marketing tactics that upset people, and predictions for what shape a revolt will take.  Read more of this post

Ad Networks, Exchanges and … B2B?

Ad networks and exchanges are not just for consumer marketers. There are opportunities for B2B marketers to cost effectively add ad networks and exchanges to online advertising campaigns, increasing reach and cost efficiency. And with the emergence of self-service platforms, even marketers with small budgets can test adding these to programs.

B2B, Ad Network and Exchange WordleHere are three opportunities every B2B marketer should at least consider.

Retargeting allows you to reach people again that visited your site but did not register. If you already have a way to nurture contacts that you don’t have a lot of information about, you know how to use retargeting. The difference is that your message is reaching people that may be earlier in the buying process (they were not willing to give up their information yet), but they already looked at your content. These are your highest value anonymous prospects, Read more of this post

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